(monumental, environmental, musical)

Have you ever wondered what really goes on in the zoo at night? “The Funky Zoo” draws back the curtains and gives you a front row sneak peak into just what happens when all the humans go to sleep… The story begins when a little girl named Leanne, who is very worried about the animals, is magically transported to the zoo late one night. She befriends a wombat who tells her exactly what the animals get up to at night – PARTYING!

A fun song and dance filled adventure unfolds as Leanne is led through her own dreaming. She meets the rather serious and emotional Glenys the Kangaroo, the lazy but lovely Kelly the Koala, the crazily funny but very wise Charlie the Kookaburra and the rather sad little Stephen the Echidna.

Leanne’s fun, however, is short lived when Stephen the Echidna escapes from the zoo and takes the party spirit with him. Will he survive? Does he know that life beyond the Funky Zoo is not how he remembers it? More importantly, why did he go? With the help of Charlie, Glenys, Brian and Kelly, Leanne sets out on a journey to find her new friend and have her questions answered.

Will Stephen be found and will The Funky Zoo get its party spirit back? Come along and find out.